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What is a terrarium?

The best definition for a terrarium is a mini indoor garden kept in a glass container. Terrarium’s are perfect for those who have little time for gardening or just don’t have a green thumb! Terrariums have become very popular lately especially for those living in small spaces such as  apartments, or townhouses that lack an outdoor garden area. They are very low maintenance and look great!

How to make a Terrarium

Choose your plants! Aim for low maintenance plants such as cacti, succulents, ferns and mosses. Do your research and pick plants that will grow well together. It’s also important to choose plants that won’t grow big enough to take up your living room! choose small growing plants that will happily live in your terrarium.

Pick your terrarium! Popular choices are Jars, vases, bottles, canisters, tureens, and fish bowls.  Cloche’s are often used however if you pick this as your terrarium it will need to be lifted occasionally to allow your plants to breathe. 

Where to keep your terrarium? All plants need lightso preferably somewhere your terrarium can get indirect light. Try to avoid placing it under an air conditioner or heater. 

Essentials for inside your terrarium

* Soil: Preferably a light soil with lots of drainage. 

* Pebbles or gravel: These are great for drainage and allow the soil to avoid sitting in water at the bottom. The pebbles are great for the top of the terrarium for a neat appearance.

* Gardening charcoal: This will improve the quality of the soil and keep it fresh!

* Metal gauze: You can place this between the gravel and the soil to stop the soil from falling between the pebbles. 

* Sheet moss: This can be used as a lining at the bottom of the terrarium to soak up any excess water.

Make your terrarium Step by Step

1. Place pebbles and or gravel into your container.

2. You can either add a layer of sheet moss or metal gauze to stop the soil from filtering down into the pebbles and gravel.

3. Add the soil and mix with some gardening charcoal. The amount you add will depend on the size of your plants, add approximately 2 or 3 inches of soil. Pack it down gently. 

4. Add your plants! Dig a small hole for each plant and once placed in gently pack soil around each plant. 

5. Give your terrarium some water and you’re done!

How to maintain your Terrarium: If your terrarium is open it only needs occasional watering (once a week or two). Succulents and cacti are quite hardy so they need watering less often (once a month). If you have a lid on your terrarium and you see condensation and your plants wilting you’ll need to remove the lid and allow some fresh air inside. 

Enjoy your terrarium!

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com 

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